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Plus industries blank

outline blank 6.2.JPG

This 6.2 fish blanks can fit most of wider fish twin fin and simmons design

6.4 for fit all shortboard in 4 rocker and 4 density

from super light comp to  light to standard and strong.

6.4 plus industries blanks.JPG

this blank can fit all type of longboards with wider tails,many rocker available

9.8 long  web plus industries blank.JPG

This is blank can fit for all shorboard and hybrid and midlenghts

6.9 plus industries blank.JPG

malibu blank with many different rocker can fit also guns

blank 7.7 web plus industries.JPG

This blank 10.4 perfectly fit all classic design

10.4 web blank plus industries.JPG

this blank can fit all type of  malibu or guns

8.4 blank web plus industries.JPG
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