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Policy and warranty of our products.


All purchase are under Pay Pal policy for buyer ,so is safe 100% , if dont receive the product you will be reinborse all amount.





This does not include

damage caused by misuse, inappropriate use,for example if you hittting  reef or sandbar or rock or  any obstacle in water ,the fins can break ,fcs tab are designed to break under impact of obstacles,also to make safer when you hit with your body.


​All broken fins that are not under warranty can be purchased as a single fin replacement,at normal price of each fin.

contact directly us for more info.

When you shopping and dont find your color or size mix ,just send a email we will help  you to find the correct products.


Our line of tail pad ,are manufactured with best material ,the self adhesive glue is 3M ,so before glue the tail pad always clean from wax ,use some petroleum to clean the surface ,remove all inpurity sanding with light sandpaper 360grit ,until if perfectly clean and no polished spot on the board,after pecil the position of tail pad remove the back paper ,stick and press all the surface,if there are any air bubble ,use a needle to break this bubble ,and  let dry   24 hour before surfing .


Shipping if you dont find your adress ,just contact us we will checl the lates rate for shipping ,with rate of 2 kg at same box you can ship until 6  fins set and so if you buy more items will be cheaper the freight cost,if want faster than 2 weeks shipping time with extra 10 usd you can have a faster shipping  ,delivery will be 5 to 7 working days .


​For any problem ,just contact us ,we will try our best to help you.....

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