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we sound new to you new brand new fins,,,tail pad ...but we already making fins and tail pad  from long time ,,, so just we go in market because after years of refine fins design manufacturing process ,we are now confident we are doing a  high quality  product ,for the right price... of course we are cheaper than other brand because ,we

are manufacturing by ourself all the fins and accessories ,so we dont produce some elsewehre factory and  after resell ,so all products are tested and develop from us build in  our factory so we can keep all quality under our control.


we are located in BALI ,so you can always come to see us and our products ,we are small factory nothingh huge ,but we love surfing we keep always in mind to give a good products for our clients and of course also us we surf with them... .

So if you have some question just click and send a e-mail we gonna answer to all your questions.




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